New Philz menu means cheaper prices

Our pal Hae Eun just stopped by her favorite neighborhood coffee shop and noticed that the shiny new menus at Philz also display prices that are 50 to 75 cents cheaper than before.

I’d be pretty damned stoked if I was a coffee-drinker!  But I’m not, so meh.

19 Responses to “New Philz menu means cheaper prices”

  1. audrey says:

    I detest “meh” Are you British?

  2. Schlub says:

    Good news! Philz is crazy expensive.

    I noticed Whole Foods selling pounds of Philz now, for $3 less that Philz sells them for.

  3. igj says:

    SOME of the prices are lower. Some are much higher. Some of the coffees have gone up $3/lb.

    • Schlub says:

      Phil needs to reign it in, I think. The price thing is going to backfire if he’s not careful. There’s just no need.

      I still remember when his place was just a corner store, and when he first starting doing the coffee and it was just him doing it.

      • stiiv says:

        Yeah, I remember back when Philz was just a cart and Phil would “process” the beans himself, civet cat style.

  4. Rudy says:

    They have lousy tomatoes on their Philz Bagel… the pink mealy type with bad flavor. Beware the tomato.

  5. Alabama St. says:

    They just bumped up a bag of Anesthesia from $12.95 to $16.00! I love Philz coffee, but I’m not sure I love it that much.

  6. SlideSF says:

    I’d be more stoked if they included a Fair Trade option. My information may be old, since I only went once and haven’t been back since. But at that time there wasn’t one coffee that was Fair Trade. If I’m going to pay that much for coffee, I’d like to know the grower is getting more than pennies per pound.

    • MrEricSir says:

      Fair Trade is something you only see on low-end coffee sold in supermarkets. High-end coffee is pretty much never Fair Trade certified (due to cost of certification, I imagine) but that doesn’t mean the farmer got a shitty price. In fact the better local cafes (Four Barrel, Blue Bottle, etc.) buy much of their coffee directly from farms and farm coops.

  7. Jamin-Time says:

    If Philz would add coconut milk to their non-dairy options, I would be stoked. If they offered raw milk, I would be ecstatic. If they offered to add grass-fed butter and coconut oil to their coffee, I would buy 2 a day easy.

    Buying the more expensive product tends toward better quality. Fair Trade does not follow that imo.

  8. chat says:

    tnkkss goodos

  9. hello cinsel sohbet

  10. I never knew “meh” was British! To me, it isn’t even a word, and I doubt you’d find it in the Oxford English Dictionary.