Vietnamese-Cajun (???) crab feast this Saturday!

It’s a thing, apparently! The Rice Paper Scissors team explains the concept behind their next pop-up dinner:

Our next installment of Dungeness Crab House is inspired by Vietnamese Cajun seafood restaurants, popular in San Jose and Garden Grove in Southern California — cities with large Vietnamese populations.

Seems random, but like every fusion of cultures, there’s a backstory. After immigrating to the States, many Vietnamese families settled in the Gulf Coast, where “boiling points” or crawfish houses reign supreme.

Like any good New Orleanian, the Vietnamese also have an affinity for rice, spice, and seafood. Inspired by Creole cuisine, Viet-Cajun joints came to be — with an added Southeast twist of lemongrass, muoi tieu chanh (a lemon, salt, and pepper dip) and garlic noodles to go along with boiled crustaceans bathed in butter.

These restaurants are known in Vietnamese as “quan nhau” — basically, a restaurant where you can get crunked. [link]

Can’t wait! View the full menu and get tickets here.

12 Responses to “Vietnamese-Cajun (???) crab feast this Saturday!”

  1. Boney Bob says:

    Ever see Alamo Bay? Probably not, it was released in 1985.

  2. Adam says:

    Wrong backstory! The real story is Niners fans get to go out and gorge on some crab (Maryland/Ravens), symbolically destroying the enemy and winning the Super Bowl!

  3. george says:

    woaahhhh, I really wanted to go, but $65 for half a dungness crab w/o booze?

  4. uhg.. says:

    A cajun wouldn’t boil a dungeness crab..

  5. Tico says:

    I’m with George, that price is freakin’ outrageous.

  6. UrbanSpy says:

    It really ends up being $70 with the stupid fees That’s ridiculous!! Don’t anyone go ok??

    You can get a whole crab for $10 and add the Old Bay yourself easy!! and if you just have to spend $70 get 4 crabs and a decent bottle of wine and have a couple friends over.

    Do not support this new trend of gougers coming to our hood!! Enough already

    • Boney Bob says:

      I don’t know why you price-complainer-assholes are being assholes but, just to clear the infotainment air, the $65 buys a long prix fixe menu of food — a complete supper, NOT just half a crab. If you don’t know what that is, then you have no business commenting on this post.

      • uhg.. says:

        If you don’t know that dungeness crab shouldn’t be cooked cajun style.. then you have no business doing a prix fixe menu…

  7. scum says:

    Rice Paper Ripoffster strikes again.