The Eagle has laaaaaanded!


As of 6pm tonight!

17 Responses to “The Eagle has laaaaaanded!”

  1. I don’t understand the joke or reference or whatever. The eagle has what?

  2. michael says:

    its the re-opening of the Eagle Tavern. Not just a stalwart for the Gay Community in SF, but also a home to live local music. This place has been sorely missed across most of the city, and we’re happy as fuck to have it back…

  3. scum says:

    Punk rock and beer bust’s.

  4. Made Mark says:

    It’s a play on words referencing the Nazi-based book and film of the same name in the mid 70s.

      • Nazi Bob says:

        Naw, leather boys would prefer the Nazi uniform reference, but my Red brothers prefer this:
        The term ‘The eagle has landed’ can be attributed to the Hopi, an indigenous tribe of the northern continent of The Americas. It is really a lament expressed in the hope that the rich culture of the Hopi and other tribes would finally be vindicated and accepted by white people and allowed to flourish. The eagle was sacred to the Hopi and other indigenous people. In this sense the meaning is metaphysical.

        The bald eagle is also the national symbol of The United States of America. The words ‘the eagle has landed’ took on new meaning when Apollo II landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong was heard to say them, meaning that the nation of America had finally succeeded in landing on the moon.

        Since then, the words are frequently used by many people to indicate reaching the final goal of any project or endeavour.

        • Tom in SFCA says:

          Each Lunar Module (the system designed for transporting the Apollo astronauts from lunar orbit in the Command Module down to the surface of the moon and then back up to lunar orbit again) had a name. The name of the Lunar Module carried aboard the Apollo 11 Command Module was “Eagle”. Thus Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin boarded Eagle in lunar orbit and then piloted the craft down to the lunar surface. Once they had safely landed Eagle on the moon, they reported their success back to Houston using the famous phrase.

  5. Teotwawki Jones says:

    I think its really great how you straight boys are suddenly so cool with anal sex. Eagle onward, my little pink, tight holes.

    –The Eagle

  6. The Birds says:

    that’s rad

  7. Hater says:

    Did they open it in The Mission?

    • Tom in SFCA says:

      The Eagle Tavern is at 398 12th Street (and Harrison), same as before. That’s SOMA, I suppose, but it’s not far from the Mission.