Fuck recycling


While we’re on the subject, why do so many people think they can put things like clear plastic bags (such as the kind bread comes in) and god damn candy wrappers into the recycling bin?


38 Responses to “Fuck recycling”

  1. ? says:

    My old Latina neighbor gives not a fuck about the categories of bins. She puts her trash where she wants to, period. I suspect this is not uncommon with older folks. Why *should* she care? There’s no kind of enforcement. Zero waste by 2020? I don’t think so. A whole generation is going to have to pass first.

  2. David Cisterning says:

    The reality is that it’s all sorted out with machines anyway and then a second picking by hand. It’s all for show. It’s just more money making for Recology to make it seem like there are additional services.

    • prunella says:

      If it’s all for show, why will Recology not pick up our compost that has been contaminated by people using it as a sorting bin whilst picking through our trash/recycling?

      • RedPill says:

        Call Recology, they sometimes have asshole collectors but they should take your bins no matter what. They go through everything a couple more time at the sorting center. Ours wouldn’t pickup bundled cardboard even though it clearly says on their site they would, one call and never had a problem in 8 years.

    • SlobDog says:

      You are charged by the number and size of black bins. You can have as many, in any size recycling bins as you want – I believe compost is the same.

  3. Ken says:

    I have an aunt who watches lots of Fox News, who does not recycle “on principle.” I was unable to get a more detailed explanation.

    • Tracy says:

      Is she from the Depression era or had depression era parents? Back in the day, If you or your kids picked up cans or bottles, it meant that you were poor. Kids collected recycling to earn money for toys and candy. When they grew up and got rich, they made a point to be a little wasteful (Kinda explains the 50′s)

      • Mobity Mosely says:

        My grandparents grew up in the depression and they never made a point of being wasteful. They reuse pieces of aluminum foil! Even a frugal person today is more wasteful by habit than a middle class person in the 50s. Overpackaging, planned obsolesence, not to mention PLASTICS, all just make it too easy.

      • Miguel Andrade says:

        I believe it’s because these Fox News types believe that recycling is “socialism” and another example of “big government” in their selfish little view of the world.

        • Valenchia says:

          Yeah, anyone who disagrees with you is selfish! Brilliant analysis — and it works so well in SF when you don’t actually have to meet anyone who is disagrees with you.

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:


    • Greg says:

      Like a good crazy aunt story.

  4. daisy says:

    I full on saw a recology truck this morning (from my third floor flat) take BOTH a recycle bin and black trash bin and put them in the EXACT SAME COMPARTMENT in the truck. So I’m assuming sorting happens later, so we’re sorting our own garbage because….? (duboce triangle area)

  5. snebs21 says:

    If you want my trash a certain way, feel free to come to my house and take care of it.

    When we run out of space in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and wherever else no one lives, then I will understand the hoopla.

    • Greg says:

      Solid logic

    • blah says:

      I kinda feel this way too although I often sort my shit when I have the energy to do so. Just seems like in the big scheme of environmental concerns, recycling is about number 14 or 15 on the list. It really doesn’t matter that much compared to the oceans rising and the earth turning into a giant desert.

  6. Biglippedkneegro says:

    It all goes to the same place and real live people sort threw the shit, it’s just so they can charge you more..

  7. manymachines says:

    When I lived in Somerville, the malcontents running the recycling truck would dump my fucking bin on the street if I didn’t sort it properly. Scared me straight.

  8. RedPill says:

    You really need to chill, Recology makes a massive profit off of our trash and putting plastic bags or whatever in wrong bin does nothing, it’s just more work for them. The bins are just the first phase of sorting, they sort many more times at the recycling center before selling the separated raw materials for a profit and charging the consumer steep fees. They have what is called a monopoly.

    By the way, If you get angry at what people are putting in their trash bins you should seriously get a hobby or some therapy..

  9. ts says:

    Yes andrew, It’s not that difficult. and it’s so great you are so concerned about
    bits of plastic in blue bins while your govt’s military is the worst single source polluter on the planet. While your chosen president is playing you all with one pipeline, and ok’ing other pipelines of dirty tar sands along with rail lines, and approving more coal plants. LIttle bits of plastic. Gawd that makes me so angry, I am going to play in a punk rock band! 100 more military bases under Obama, why I’ll just ignore that. I’m looking in blue bins!!!
    global warming is really serious. So get serious.

  10. Adam says:

    I’ve got a neighbor who is a retired ex-cop who always talks shit about the ‘lowlifes’ around the neighborhood. Every day he walks past the recycling bins on the sidewalk to the locked garbage area, unlocks the room and tosses his bottles in the awkward to open garbage dumpster. It seems he is willing to make extra effort to throw this stuff in the dumpster/landfill rather than see homeless people make a few cents off his deposit, since 100% of bottles with a deposit are taken by scavengers. I would guess there are a lot of people who don’t recycle because they feel it attracts homeless people and makes them feel unsafe.

  11. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Andrew: Yup. People who can’t be bothered to recycle, or do it right, are fuckheads. Not sure what to do about it, though. Is there any mechanism for enforcement, currently?

  12. lycaass says:

    I know San Jose recycling takes the bags, SF is just behind.

  13. scum says:

    Can I bring some cheese to this whine fest. My roommate is the worst. Food in recycling, plastic in compost and and recycling in the garbage. His mother never told him no. He also has no concept on how to load a dishwasher.

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