Inside Boozeland

Emperor Norton’s Boozeland, the new Tenderloin bar from the boys behind Bender’s, is open for business! And it’s awesome! Lots of the architectural touches from the space’s previous incarnations are fully intact, it’s as spacious as ever, lots of light makes for great day drinking sessions, the bathrooms are waaaay nicer than ever, the back patio is open and lovely, and beers are real cheap at happy hour.

Plus it’s right around the corner from the AMC on Van Ness, so it’s an ideal spot to stop for drinks before (and after) a movie.

[Photos via Boozeland]

20 Responses to “Inside Boozeland”

  1. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  2. Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo says:

    I thought it was a little sterile, but maybe that’s hard for a new joint to avoid.

  3. Sterile is sometimes a good thing, especially in the ‘Loin. This area needs more upclass bars anyways. Good news!

  4. Johnny says:

    “… and beers are real cheap at happy hour.”
    I don’t consider $5 to be “real cheap”, I guess I’m cheap.
    Nice place, been there a handful of times now.

  5. PDBird says:

    This looks amazing! Considering that the last time we were in there it was a mess. Lots of hard work. Congrats to the Benders crew for really making this place look amazing. Considering that the Civic center/Little Saigon area is up and coming(Larkin seems to coming into its own) and the continued gentrification of lower Polk(Kens Chinese and Simon markt being kicked out) Business should be good and we are stoked for them and the community!

  6. PDBird says:

    On side note, with the Nite Cap being forced to close soon, this should help business.

  7. dude says:

    Do they have a TV? that place is really close to my work, I need to know if I can drink secret lunch beers and watch giants games on my lunch hour, hah.