Drama Talk & Drinks: The Taming

Katie & Brittany are back, and they finally saw a show that they both really liked! Check out their review:

The Taming serves up a heap of good ole' Southern fried politics. From left to right: Marilee Talkington, Kathryn Zdan, and Marilet Martinez. Photo by Tom Toro.

“What happens when a conservative senatorial aid, a liberal political activist, and a newly-crowned Miss Georgia walk into a bar?” We wanted to find out, so we headed down the hill to the Thick House to check out Crowded Fire Theater’s premiere of The Taming, a political comedy by Lauren Gunderson. The Thick House is located in a very residential area of Potrero Hill, and is actually beneath condominiums, a strange place for a theater. We knew it was a good sign.

Katie: So, would you send people to see this show?

Brittany: As long as they go in with the expectation that it’s a satire I totally would. I laughed out loud, the script was really funny and the woman who played Patricia (Marilee Talkington) and the woman who played Miss Georgia (Kathryn Zdan) were both such good actors.

K: They were so good! Too bad the third actress, who played Bianca (Marilet Martinez), was rough.

B: So true, but I still think people should see it because it was really fresh playwriting about a very relevant topic. The director took some of the slapstick too far, there were some rough acting moments, and a few cues needed tightening, but I still really enjoyed it as a whole.

K: Definitely. The script was good and when the actresses nailed the timing – I had the best LOL’s that I have had at a show for a really long time.

The Verdict: The government is shut down but that doesn’t mean your social life is as well. This show is a hilarious night out we highly recommend.

The Drama Talk: This satire on our government couldn’t have come at a better time. Playwright Lauren Gunderson’s script is sharp, silly and smart all at the same time. The theater is pretty tiny and they’re packing audiences in, so be prepared to get cozy with your seat mates.

The Drinks: After the show we walked up the hill to Bloom’s Saloon. The place seemed like an ordinary, neighborhood dive bar, but we found out it has an extraordinary view of the Bay Bridge. We ordered two Angry Orchard ciders, because we know George Washington would be angry if he saw what’s going on in Washington, and enjoyed the view while beaming from a fun night of theater.

The Taming runs through 10/26 at The Thick House, and tickets can be purchased through Crowded Fire Theater’s website, tickets range from $20-$35.

There are also tickets available on Goldstar for $10-$12.50.

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