Q&A with Rebekah Kouy-Ghadosh of Bex Spex

I see Rebekah every now and then at karaoke, and it came to my attention recently that her line of work is pretty interesting. (Occasionally at karaoke she’ll ask my glasses-wearing friends a whole range of questions about what they look for in eyewear, so I got curious.) Since it’s consumption season, I thought it’d be a good time to learn a teeny bit more about her business, Bex Spex:

Mission Mission: How’d you get into this game anyway?

Rebekah: I started my line about two years ago. I used to work as an optician for a number of years before taking this leap.

What’s the process like, designing and producing a whole line of glasses?

I designed the color combinations of the plastics, the shapes, the cases; all of the aspects of the line I thought about. I have them handmade in Italy using Italian plastics because having something that lasts is important to me. I want someone to wear these glasses for many years, then keep them. The next generation will find them in the drawer and wear them still. They definitely have a vintage sensibility, but with a modern understanding.

Why did you decide to devote your life to glasses?

The reason I love glasses so much is that they are the first thing people notice on your face. You change your clothes everyday, but your glasses are there with every outfit. I also adore that they aren’t purely ornamental. Glasses serve a purpose, they help you see, either by blocking the sun or bringing objects into focus.

Can we get Bex Spex in the Mission?

They are currently at Dema on Valencia!

Thanks, Rebekah!

2 Responses to “Q&A with Rebekah Kouy-Ghadosh of Bex Spex”

  1. Chalkman says:

    does she know how that place that is in the Modern Times space survives, rent has got to be a zillion dollars, and I never see anyone in it buying glasses…

    • Grizzled Mission says:

      I regularly walk past that place and think, “it can’t last another month,” but a month later, there it still is.

      Even with money to burn (trust fund? wealthy spouse?) there have to be more fun ways to burn it than that.

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