What kind of creep steals an ice cream cake from Ben & Jerry’s?

From the surveillance footage at Ben & Jerry’s on Haight, this kind of creep:

Gotta admit, he has a real cakestealin’ look about him.

According to Redditor bigshmoo the Cake Creep made off with his frosty dessert around 11:30 on Wednesday and the SFPD is apparently on the look out for him, although I doubt that he is Park Station’s #1 priority. No word yet on whether it was the suspect’s birthday or if he was simply on his way to celebrate a special occasion with a friend.

[via: reddit]

10 Responses to “What kind of creep steals an ice cream cake from Ben & Jerry’s?”

  1. Tuffy says:

    Good thing he’s not black or he’d have been shot dead by now!

  2. Skyscraper says:

    I feel like that’s the kinda guy I would keep an eye on.

    Then again I’d likely not really give a shit if I worked at Ben and Jerry’s in the upper haight.

  3. Looks like the Hamburglar’s hunchbacked cousin.

  4. TS says:

    gawd, you are such a little yuppie. OH a CREEP steals! quick gotta post that? Meanwhile, your govt is setting up a another bank crash casino. And we live in a complete speculator’s bubble that is going to burst. Trillions of taxpayer dollars to pump it up.
    Oh my god, a creeeeeeeep, stole something. Little yuppie boy.

    • It feels like you need to work something out. Go ahead, this is a safe space.

      • YeahBut says:

        But what’s the point of this post? Its in the Haight. It’s taken from Reddit. And it’s a down on his luck guy stealing a cake.

        Was it all so you could make the ‘cakestealin’ joke? Well let’s all sit around and be happy we aren’t him eh?

        • Oyster Boy says:

          WTF? Like he’s going to sell a fkn ice cream cake to buy crack? Down on his luck?! Oh yeah, I know, I’ll steal a cake. An ice cream cake? Yes, that will make my life luckier.

    • YOU’RE the cake stealer, aren’t you, TS? Someone doth protest too much!