The Midway, a new venue opening tonight in the Dogpatch

Its full name is The Midway Creative Complex, it’s big, and it’ll be devoted to lots of fun stuff. From the press release:

Simultaneously a creative laboratory and performance space, The Midway is a venue for the
public to engage with a variety of exhibitions, workshops, performances and special events. The
complex is actively partnering with nonprofit organizations to build a stronger and more vibrant
creative community in the Bay Area. Behind the space is a team of local entrepreneurs and
creatives, spearheaded by Jeff Whitmore alongside partners Jordan Langer and Pete
Glikshtern, whose past projects include Public Works, Pier 70 Partners, Mighty, Oddjob,
Artbeats, and The Myriad. With some of the world’s best art, food, and entertainment at its
doorstep, San Francisco is the prime locale for the rise of The Midway. Conveniently located
one block from Muni with readily accessible bike & car parking, The Midway will be an easy to
reach destination for San Francisco’s food, art and music loving public.

Opening night is tonight. Expect art, performance, music, drinks, and lots more. RSVP and invite your friends!

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