Cyclist Beaten and Stabbed for Being a Cyclist

Woah, guys.  Careful out there!  Word is out this morning that shortly after midnight earlier today a cyclist was riding his bike near the Broadway and Embarcadero intersection when he was confronted by three men whom, as Officer Albie Esparza explains, proceeded to “punch and stab him multiple times.”

Particularly worrisome is the fact that neither his belongings nor his bicycle were stolen, leading some to believe that he was targeted by these ne’er-do-wells solely due to the fact that he was riding a bicycle.  Taken in conjunction with the scumbag who recently mowed down 4 cyclists in psychotic rage, hopefully we aren’t seeing the beginning of some new violent anti-cyclist movement brewing.

SF Appeal has the scoop.

[Photo by jorsan75]


Creep In An SUV Targeted 4 Cyclists Last Night

Seriously, Sugino?

Well, this kind of sucks.  How does this even happen?

UPDATE!!! Commenter Salsa demanded a first-person account, so here goes:

well salsa, i was trackstanding at the stop light on valencia at 19th st, heading south. the light turned green, so i pushed down with my dominant (right) leg in order to accelerate adequately enough to address the small slope.

I feel some weird tension, hear a sharp SNAP, and then notice my control over the bike has diminished severely. i wobble to the right and manage to dismount without crashing. onlookers are stopping and gawking, many having assumed that cranks were unable to snap in such a manner.

the cop behind me passes me and yells out the window, “your pedal’s back there,” so i walk back into the intersection and collect it. then i take a picture.

UPDATE 2!!!  My bad!  The crankset is made up of Sugino components.  Sorry to besmirch your good name, Shimano!  This still sucks though . . .