Free Ice Cream and Still Flyin' Show At Dolores Park Tonight

This just in from Andrew W.:

Hey San Francisco! We’re in town still and want to keep giving you ice cream, so we got together with our friends in Still Flyin’ and are doing just that.

Tonight at 6:30 in Dolores Park we are having a free ice cream social as well as a mini show from Still Flyin’ that we’ll be recording for Road Trippin’ with Ice Cream Man.

So get over those mid-week blues with some upbeat music and delicious Ben & Jerry’s treats!

If the music video for the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Today” is any indication, ice cream and rock music is an awesome combination.

My New Gym

My New Gym
I was sleepily strolling along Mission Street last Sunday and realized at some point that I was in Thrift Town. I went upstairs with no plan in mind and stumbled upon my new workout spot. I did a full circuit, some AbSwing, some Xtreme, some lift-and-pull thing, some other thing that I think I did backwards, then went around for a second cycle. At one point a girl looking around even joined in for a few reps.

Not bad for a free membership.

for sale / wanted > free stuff: Free Door, Slight Axe Damage By Homicidal Madman (See Pic)

This beauty awaits you on 16th and Guerrero. Now all you need is a ManBearPig suit and you can put the finishing touches on your “the Shining” themed guest room.

(via MrEricSir)