Who silenced Cesar Chavez?

Our buddy Christopher sent us this pic he took at the Street Food Festival of the mural at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. There is a large white stripe that almost seems as if it’s specifically covering Chavez’s mouth.

Hmmmm . . . ?

Who Is the Egg Bandit of 15th and Valencia?

Some mystery bombadier seems to be  pelting random passerby with barrages of eggs as they make their way down Valencia approaching Pica Pica, that newish Venezuelen place across the street from Little Star.  My buddy Eric described his first encounter:

Heading home from practice, I started to notice this peculiar smell, like it was breakfast or something.  Then I saw that it was emanating from this huuuuuge pile of broken eggs on the sidewalk.  At that moment, I felt something whoosh past my face . . . sure enough, an egg.  I looked across the street to see who was throwing them, but didn’t catch anyone, so I just got out of there as fast as I could.

Then, a few days later, I’m walking down the same street and this girl about 10 paces ahead of me gets nailed out of nowhere.  I hurry up to get out of range before the ambusher can reload, but I still can’t tell where they’re coming from.  Be careful when you’re getting arepas!

Does anyone have any idea would could possibly be motivating this dairy-hurling poultry-slinging villain?  Any word on if they’re organic or cage free?

[Photo by Craig Hunter]

What Happened?

All the clues you need to solve this mystery are in this picture. Can you figure out what happened before Bugs Meany gets away?

(via Sangroncito. Don’t worry they’re not dead, just drunk.)