Who Is the Egg Bandit of 15th and Valencia?

Some mystery bombadier seems to be  pelting random passerby with barrages of eggs as they make their way down Valencia approaching Pica Pica, that newish Venezuelen place across the street from Little Star.  My buddy Eric described his first encounter:

Heading home from practice, I started to notice this peculiar smell, like it was breakfast or something.  Then I saw that it was emanating from this huuuuuge pile of broken eggs on the sidewalk.  At that moment, I felt something whoosh past my face . . . sure enough, an egg.  I looked across the street to see who was throwing them, but didn’t catch anyone, so I just got out of there as fast as I could.

Then, a few days later, I’m walking down the same street and this girl about 10 paces ahead of me gets nailed out of nowhere.  I hurry up to get out of range before the ambusher can reload, but I still can’t tell where they’re coming from.  Be careful when you’re getting arepas!

Does anyone have any idea would could possibly be motivating this dairy-hurling poultry-slinging villain?  Any word on if they’re organic or cage free?

[Photo by Craig Hunter]

16 Responses to “Who Is the Egg Bandit of 15th and Valencia?”

  1. James O'Boston says:

    Dairy? oy! I’m a goy from the burbs and even I know the difference.

  2. kingfish says:

    Eggs are not dairy – why is this such a common misconception in our culture? Go to France and educate yourselves on FOOD people, this is basic stuff.

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      i blame the supermarkets

    • Don’t look at me… I’m still wondering how people who call themselves vegetarians can still eat eggs. Eggs are meat! But go to any restaurant, man, and they have a vegetarian OMELET! WTF!

      And cheese! Cheese is the product of a protein from an animal’s teat! More meat, if you ask me.

      So, OK, I am no vegetarian, no way. BIG MEAT EATER! I love meat!

  3. Ariel Dovas says:

    When I worked at Faye’s Video about 8 years ago these kids on the roof of Tartine’s building threw eggs at people coming in and out of the shop for about a week. Took a while to figure out where they came from. Maybe their family moved a few blocks over and they’re home from college and reliving old memories.

  4. plumpy says:

    I saw egg-splattered sidewalks in the exact same block about three weeks ago. Crazy that it’s still going on.

  5. chop chop says:

    these arent your normal chicken shits. these guys throw the good brown eggs, damn them. happened to me while walking past uptown about 3 weeks ago. was 2 dudes in their 20s in a chevy car.

  6. yentu says:

    COMG -

    Someone like me, who considers himself a vegetarian and pro-choice, has no problem eating an egg. If I thought eggs were animals, and fetuses were people, I’d have different opinions on both these issues.

    • f1peeps says:

      well said.

      the egg squad was at it a couple of weeks ago. it was dark, so it was hard to tell at first what was on the sidewalk until an egg whizzed by and hit the ground. managed to get through the gauntlet unscathed.

  7. Udi says:

    Same thing happened to us a couple of months back near Beretta. A car drove by and then whoosh, 1 egg came flying… whoosh, a 2nd. So odd.

  8. oddib says:

    Same thing happened to our place a couple of months back, 22nd and guerrero above the Lone Palm. Never found out who did it, or what that was all about.

  9. yermom69 says:

    Someone has been smashing eggs on the sidewalk on the corner of 22nd and Treat for years. No idea why.

  10. Laura says:

    Got egged in the same exact spot on Valencia & 15th about two weeks ago walking home from the laundromat around 10PM…no clue where the eggs came from but round two started a few seconds after I yelled some obscenities.

  11. get real says:

    It’s this crackhead who lives in the hotel royan, he chucks them at taggers late at nit. case closed.