At Pakwan, Where Dave Chappelle Lectures Me on Paparazzi Etiquette

Dave Chappelle caught me slyly trying to take a picture of him while we were each eating dinner at Pakwan.  He came over to the table and asked to see it.  Unimpressed by my photographic aptitude, he then asked me to delete it.

As I complied with his request and stammered an apology, a single grain of rice flew from my mouth and landed on the shoulder of his black sweater.  I wasn’t sure if he saw it or not, but I couldn’t take the risk, so I reached up and attempted to brush it off.  Naturally, that darn stubborn kernel wasn’t going anywhere.

Chappelle noticed and said, “I don’t even mind that you just spit a piece of rice on me.  Happens all the time.”  He pointed out that I didn’t really need to delete the photos since he was in a public space after all, but it was cool I did and that I should come outside for a real picture after he finished his cigarette.

When I walked out, I didn’t see him anywhere and figured I’d been duped by a master.  But then Mr. Chappelle emerged from a shiny black Escalade and said, “I wasn’t gonna flake on you.”  As my buddy snapped a photo of us, the beleaguered superstar muttered, “People are terrible.  There, I said it.”

Sorry for ruining your dinner Dave!  We all love you here in the Mission!  Please come back soon!

[Chappelle on 16th by jacobchills]

Dolores Park Yellowstone Impression

Auditioning for National Park status, Dolores Park decided to demonstrate its natural fury last night by transforming its busted water main into a full-fledged geyser.  The warm night air inveigled some inebriated parkers into thinking that muddy slip ‘n slide might be a good idea.  They were soon wet and sorry but provided quality entertainment for the rest of us.

That flash you see above is from another park reveller who thought this would make a good photo op.  Her enthusiastic red-headed friend exclaimed excitedly, “You should email these to MissionMission and they might post it!”  Overwhelmed by the meta-ness of it all, I quietly slinked away.  By then the fire department had showed up and was in the process of ruining all the fun anyway.

And she never did email us the picture.  It was probably way better than my crappy dark one.  Mission paparazzi, have no fear!  Even if you don’t think it’s as epic as one of your neighbor shitting on your apartment (NSFW), someone will like it!  That’s how the internet works.