‘White hipsters get out of Pilsen’

So, you think this whole anti-gentrification thing is unique to the Mission? Think again. It’s happening in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, as you can see in this found racist rant accusing a loosely-defined group of people of being racist.

i don’t know, man astutely points out:

Pilsen is named for the Czech town of Plzen — Pilsner, a delicious type of lager beer is, too — because it was populated mainly by Czech immigrants in the early part of last century. As Czechs made a better life for themselves and probably moved out of the city to the suburbs, Chicago’s growing Latino population moved in.

What we have here is a chicken-or-the-egg problem. Who’s the most entitled to live anywhere? Amoebas floating in primordial soup, I reckon.

Anyway, I’m glad Asian hipsters are off the hook (not that I am one).

[chicagoist via beerandrap]