Best Tamale in SF tasting

Well, this sounds pretty delicious:

1st Annual Best Tamale Contest

Help us find the best tamale in the Mission, and help Marshall Elementary School at the same time!

Marshall Elementary School is hosting the first annual Día de los Niños Tamale Contest. For $20, you get to sample the full variety of tamales offered by our Mission-based tamale chefs – the parents of Marshall Elementary School students and our Mission neighbors – all while enjoying the live entertainment and festivities.

The chef judged as creating the best tamale receives $500. The rest of the money will help the Marshall Elementary PTA fund areas that are not covered in the school budget, to include (but not limited to) technology for the classrooms, science-based field trips in support of the school’s innovative Oceans Month program, and funding for organized team games and peer leadership during outdoor play.

The tamale tasting takes place from noon to 2pm on Saturday, April 27th at Marshall Elementary – 1575 15th Street, San Francisco (enter on Capp Street). For more information and to purchase advance tickets, visit

"do not ever bring coors to tamale day, I have and will throw that in the trash. Coors is anti-tamale."

Tamale Day went down when I was -OTS, sadly.  Looked like a KILLER TIME.

Tamale day is a strong believer in segregation and prejudice.  But rather than using this as hate, we use them as tools. You see white people have fucked up tamale day more than enough times. As a result we’ve had to enact some rules. Now I understand some people think this is “wrong” but to those people I say fuck you, white people ruin all our shit anyways and Tamale Day is about BROWN PRIDE! We don’t fuck with that vegan train of sucks, rolled tacos, white ass rice, or mango chutneys or whatever weak ass bullshit these cornball motherfuckers want to introduce.

The number one crime whites have commited at Tamale Day was touching the fucking steamer. One year a bunch of my hungry friends kept on checking the steamer. The problem with this is that the steam then escapes and condensates on the lid. The water drips on the tamales below which have dropped in temperature so that it takes longer to cook soggy tamales. After that year the coalition of the brown enacted a no white people allowed to touch the steamer initiative.

Sugarlump Now Serving Organic Vegan !!! Tamales


Sugarlump at 24th and Florida is now serving vegan tamales.  Ordinarily this would not be noteworthy, but if they are the delicious yet elusive SF Vegan Tamales, this is totally earth-shattering.

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