Michael Pitt in "Funny Games"

Overheard at Metreon, right after the movie ended: “What the fuck was that?!” Then dude threw his water bottle toward the screen (and missed). If it’d been my film, I’d be psyched. That said, the movie was pretty good, but not nearly as *totally mind blowing* as the above trailer was when we first saw it. Stanley Kubrick come back to life? Nopes.

What this has to do with the Mission District, I don’t fucking know. Metreon is on Mission Street? We talked about Michael Pitt Before? It’s late, I dunno.

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5 Responses to “Michael Pitt in "Funny Games"”

  1. I thought the movie was really good. I think it was mind-blowing in the sense that Michael Pitt looked stunning, as always, but as far as the story goes, I wasn’t too impressed with the other characters. It was unrealistic, if you ask me. I mean, come on: you can’t tell me that the Naomi Watts character, in real life, wouldn’t have wanted to get it on with the Michael Pitt character. Come on. If it had been me, and I was gonna die anyway, I would have at least tried to get a cheap feel off of him. You know?

    I saw the original Funny Games movie, that Austrian flick. It was scarier, I thought, because it was all weird and foreign. Brady and Michael were just too attractive to be scary. If the director wanted it to be really really scary, he should have cast sightly less attractive actors, like Zac Efron, or even the kid from Even Stevens who is in the new Indiana Jones movies. They are charming and not ugly, but not really really hot like Michael and Brady. But I guess that was the point of the movie, that the two killers be sort of cute and all.

    I liked the film, I’m just saying. Michael Pitt is always sort of distracting to me in his films, because I keep imagining what it would be like to make out with him and stuff. It’s not his fault, though. He can’t help it if he’s smokin hot.

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