Bars of the Mission: Doc's Clock (Smells Like Bathroom)

I love Doc’s Clock, but why does it have to smell like bathroom? Seriously, it *always* smells like bathroom. They have good beer specials, a phenomenal marquee out front, friendly staff, shuffleboard, a good jukebox, fairly clean bathrooms, etc. But it smells like bathroom.

2 Responses to “Bars of the Mission: Doc's Clock (Smells Like Bathroom)”

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  2. travin says:

    Actually, the smell is of urinal cake.

    Have you ever smelled the place when it’s not deodorized? It smells like a rats nest. I’ll take the smell of urinal cake over rodent urine, any day of the week.

  3. Allan says:

    any guesses as to why they can’t spring for an exterminator and/or cleaning crew?

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