Mission Mission Introduces Official Seal

We’ve been fans of Official Seal Generator for ages, but we’ve noticed some great improvements in recent weeks — improvements that made it possible for us to build ourselves this dazzling new official seal. Look for tons of new font and graphic options, as well as improved customizability across the board.

Feel free to use the seal if you want to link to us or print up stickers for everyone or something.

2 Responses to “Mission Mission Introduces Official Seal”

  1. Ryland says:

    Wow, nice! Sometimes people surprise me with the seals they generate, producing better results than even I expected.

    I’m working on more options and improvements, especially to the design screen; it’s kind of a mess right now, with so many options, and I want to add even *more* options! I’m also working on a few new seal designs, as well as new badge designs for the badge generator.

    E-mail me if you want the high-res version of your seal, for stickers and such.

  2. Gina says:

    Wow. This is awesome! Well played.