More Evidence that the 67 Can Be Skeevie Too

A couple weeks ago, there was some dispute as to whether Muni’s 67 (serving Bernal Heights from 24th and Mission) could be as entertaining as some of the other buses that run on Mission Street. On Friday, TK had an experience that just might further the controversy:

So there’s a 67 bus stopped there at the stop. Just as I get there, a cop car pulls up and the 2 cops get out and get on the bus. Then a Muni supervisor-type arrives and gets on too. Obvs. everyone standing around is staring at the bus trying to figure out what’s going on.

The cops come out with a little guy who’s wasted. I mean, he was fucked up. I love this – he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. WOO-HOO! LET’S PARTY!!

See how it all ends here.

Photo by Octoferret.

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