Overheard at 16th and Rondel

Person A: You going the wrong way.

Person B: No I’m not.  I’m going to buy liquor and that aint never the wrong way! Ahahahahahahaaa!

Person A: Ahahahahahaaaa!

4 Responses to “Overheard at 16th and Rondel”

  1. quilty says:


  2. 14th Streeter says:

    the other day on 14th and Valencia I overheard this Mission Hipster gem:
    “the guy’s an asshole. he can’t even lock his bicycle up right.”

  3. Dapper says:

    Hey 14th Streeter, we are neighbors! What’s this I hear about SoEx moving away? :(

  4. 14th Streeter says:

    I haven’t heard anything about SoEx moving away. They just got here? Maybe the messy and pointless ice cream show had something to do with it…