Belated Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Don't/Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea

I’m no connoisseur, but dude and his bros were chugging this bottle of Chimay Grande Réserve like it was a forty of Country Club. Faux pas! Gogol Bordello were rad.

7 Responses to “Belated Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Don't/Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea”

  1. Katie Ann says:

    OMG! The best thing about this was that I think they bought this as a last resort at some nearby corner store because they opened it, chugged it, then made a funny face like “whaaa is this?”, looked at the label, and then drank again.

    Properly drinking Chimay requires you to NOT drink the yeast that settles at the bottom of bottle. As I said this to myself in my head while I watched and giggled, I realized that I’m no better than this guy.

  2. jimbeam says:

    Reminds me of Boston

  3. Brock says:

    that sweater is gorgeous. too bad it’s tied around his neck. ugh.

  4. Neighborhood Watcher says:

    That guy has “euro dude” written alllll over his tied-around-his-shoulders sweater.

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