Becca's Bike Machines

Our buddy Becca (whom you may remember as the author of such beloved Mission Mission posts as The Phonebooth Actually Very Pleasant Before Dark and Construction Camp on Valencia Street) recently left the Mission for greener pastures. She’s mixing business, pleasure, activism and maybe some higher learning on an extended tour around Central America.

Fortunately, Becca’s documenting her adventure on her blog Travel Maven, Large Jet (I think the title is some sort of travel writer injoke). Yesterday, she talked a bit about a few weeks she spent with an NGO called MayaPedal in Guatemala.

MayaPedal designs and builds “bicycle machines” for use in areas of the world where electricity and mechanization isn’t yet quite freeflowing. Becca got to make hot sauce with the blender bike (!), peanut butter with the mill bike (!), and wash her clothes with the laundry bike! (!!) So like, do you have to get a pro cyclist in there if you want to puree, or your muddy jeans need permanent press, or you don’t like your peanut butter chunky?

She also got to wield a machete. Link.

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