Last Chance for Stumptown Coffee at Four Barrel

Reader mcas reports that tonight is our last chance to get Stumptown Coffee Roasters coffee at Four Barrel:

Dont know if its worth a post but today is last day of stumptown coffee at 4 barrel. They start serving their own roasts tomo

You can buy the lbs of their roast now.. but they are finishing off their stumptown inventory today… So as of tomo, sf will again be stumptown free.

I’m not really a coffee drinker myself, but I’m told yes it’s worth a post. Thanks, mcas!

Update: Chris K. responds, “not so!  dynamo donuts on 24th and york uses stumptown.”

Secondary update: mcas defends his original statement: “Nope, Chris K. Dynamo has gotten their Stumptown from Four Barrel’s contract… and they will also be receiving 4 Barrel as of now.”

9 Responses to “Last Chance for Stumptown Coffee at Four Barrel”

  1. chris k. says:

    “So as of tomo, sf will again be stumptown free.”

    not so! dynamo donuts on 24th and york uses stumptown.

  2. Todd Dammit says:

    this can’t be good!

  3. SFLooney says:

    A while ago, I asked someone who was working at Dynamo about their coffee. If I recall correctly, I thought they said that they would be switching to Four Barrel’s beans once they started roasting. (This might make sense given that 4B sells Dynamo’s donuts!)

  4. mcas says:

    Nope, Chris K.

    Dynamo has gotten their Stumptown from Four Barrel’s contract… and they will also be receiving 4 Barrel as of now.

    Also, a secondary update: I went back at 8:40 PM (for an evening cup) and they had run out of Stumptown by then and were already serving their own roasts. It was gooooooooood.

    While I <3 Stumptown, I think of it as a matter of SF pride– we don’t need PDX coffee here in the city– we’ve got our own great roasters here! Ritual, Graffio, Trieste, and now, Four Barrel!

  5. jenny says:

    Blah blah. Four Barrel needs to get over themselves…..

  6. elly says:

    while i totally understand and respect the desire to roast yr own, i really wish someone would keep serving stumptown in SF. it’s tasty! and the new roasts from these shops are always a lil shaky at first. sometimes you just want ol’ reliable, you know?

  7. Eric says:

    I’m sure Stumptown is good if you get it fresh, but by the time it gets to the bay area… no thanks.

    Besides, Jeremy knows a thing or two about roast coffee. Ritual’s roasts started to suck after he left.

  8. R. U. Kidding says:

    Stumptown = Fourbarrel
    Fourbarrel = Stumptown

    Jeremy Tooker opened Fourbarrel with a loans, machines and beans from Stumptown. Duane Sorenson (owner of stumptown) is the rock upon which Fourbarrel stands.

    Now that Fourbarrel is roasting their “own” coffee thats being shipped down here from Stumptown’s Portland based operation we can all rest assured.

    Jeremy Tooker is a vengeful man little man, end of story!

  9. diemalo says:

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