Copenhagen Bike Lanes

I’m not trying to get all Streetsblog on everybody, but I spent all afternoon writing about Copenhagen, and I almost got hit by a car yesterday probably because of San Francisco’s insufficient network of bike lanes, and today I got honked at repeatedly because some motorist couldn’t handle that I was taking up part of their lane with my slow little bicycle — and then I saw this photo by Zakkaliciousness. Wouldn’t it be nice.

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9 Responses to “Copenhagen Bike Lanes”

  1. this is jose and i want to tell you something straight up!
    Dude, folks on bicycles think cars are inconsiderate, but the fact is many bicyclists don’t share the road with pedestrians! Straight up. Green light on corner and I walk. Cars stop but stupid bicycle man doesn’t. They keep going like no laws apply to them. I want to hit the tire of the bike and watch bicycle man fall. but i hope he has helmet. Jose wishes no ill will, you know? but seriously, bicycle men can’t obey laws and go like whatever.
    this is jose and i just told you straight up.

  2. Elisa says:

    Decades ago, one of the guys on the Davis City Council (maybe even the mayor?) went to Copenhagen on vacation and came back ready to transform Davis into the bicycle capital that it is today.

    But, wouldn’t a solidly painted bike lane be dangerously slick? Especially in the rain?

  3. Harold says:

    hey, jose: On any given day, you can see plenty of bad behavior from bikers, drivers, and pedestrians alike. It would be a nice world if everyone was observant and considerate, but that ain’t what we got. My personal peeve is bikers who zip through the crosswalks without getting off their bikes. Nothing should be going through a crosswalk at 10mph. Still, a less car-centered city would be better for everyone. Equal rights for pedestrians and bikes!

  4. dave says:

    Interesting. I lived four months in Copenhagen after living two months in the Netherlands, and in relative terms was unimpressed with Copenhagen’s bke lanes.
    Amsterdam has dedicated bike lanes–you never have to “share the road”. You can slap down all the bright paint you want, you’re still at the mercy of cars. And let’s be honest, the real problem, for me anyway, is that the reality of our non-dedicated bike lanes means you’re playing cat and mouse with city busses all day.

    Of course, if we had actual viable dedicated bike lanes, the bike fascists would speed and act like tyrants. “On your left!” “Outta my way!” Etc.

  5. Chris says:

    Shitty bike lanes are nature’s way of dealing with people that can’t handle being hit by buses.

    What next, giving healthcare to poor people? Psh.

  6. jimbeam says:

    Car= 3000lb+ deadly weapon
    Bike= 20lb non-deadly weapon

    I think that’s the real difference Jose. It’s very, very hard to cause grievous bodily harm with a bike. It is super, super easy to do so with a car.

  7. hi harold. i keep this in mind. thanks.

  8. Steve C says:

    Please don’t build bike lanes, because I want to live.

    Read John Foerster’s “Effective Cycling” re: bike lanes.

    And then go turn left on to Masonic from Fell – take in the organization of that intersection – and explain how the whole special-bike-rules policy is in effect in any way distinguishable from a lets-kill-bicyclists policy.

    Be visible and assertive, take the lane, be a vehicle.

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