Retraction: Not Three Kinds of Wings, One Kind of Wings TRIPLE FRIED

Family Styles has a gorgeous photographic recap of the food at the food writing panel at 826 Valencia the other night, and they report that my Three Kinds of Wings report was erroneous. In fact, there was but one kind of wings, but they were triple fried. Link.

Mei is also working on some sort of lengthy meditation on the ideas brought up during the discussion, but for now there’s also this.

Also, the Mission Street Food Saturday menu is up and WINGS ARE ON IT. Also, a good number of vegetarian options.

3 Responses to “Retraction: Not Three Kinds of Wings, One Kind of Wings TRIPLE FRIED”

  1. mei says:

    go saturday and get the wings! they are t.a.s.t.e.e.e.e

  2. Karen says:

    Sorry about the false rumor re: wings. That was a result of some miscommunication between Anthony and me. In the future, I’ll try not to stir up false hopes.

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