Birdhouses on a Wire


Steven Weinberg of Telephone and Soup mentioned this to me the other day, sent me on a wild goose chase looking for them. Today, he remembered where they actually were, and went and took these nice pictures. Beats your old Reeboks, right? Thanks, Steven!


Homemade Star Wars Action Figures, A Million Times Better Than Store Bought

Jonah from The Ladder Herald just put together a set of action figures a million times better than anything Lucasfilm has ever produced. Let’s hope they don’t sue him.

Proud mum Elizabeth says, “I thought you should see this, Internet.” Link.

Thank you both. (More closeups, please!)


Star Wars Droids as Mission Street Art, 1977

Introducing Orange Alley


Today on I Heart Street Art, we venture down Orange Alley, a once-plain little alleyway just off Valencia that, thanks to the efforts of a group of artists and neighbors, is set to give Clarion and Balmy a run for they money. Link.

Cookie Shop Coming Soon


Last night I stopped in at Receiver Gallery for a sneak peek at their upcoming Porous Walker show (more on that later), but I also got a sneak peek at (and taste of) the cookies from Anthony’s Cookies, our soon-to-open new neighborhood cookie shop.

The Cookies and Cream Cookie, seen here in the foreground, was, as gallery runner Steven noted, “very meta.”

Complete cookie menu here. I can’t wait for this place to open.

'Plop' Goes the Pilsner


By now, we all know about the strong connection between the Mission and Berlin.

Today, our new favorite Berlin blog, berlin’, explains why the Flensburger Pilsener motto is “plop.” Link.

Valencia Street Park

I hate to jump on Burrito Justice a third time today, but they just keep churning out such solid content. This time, it’s a proposal worthy of an emergency Planning Commission hearing at the very least.

As you can see in the above diagram, the plan is to facilitate a smarter St. Luke’s expansion by closing Valencia to auto traffic (between Chavez and Mission) and turning it into a park — Valencia Street Park — thereby creating an inviting plaza for hospital employees, neighborhood folk and everyone else to congregate.

See the whole meticulously outlined plan, as well as the other (boring) plans currently under consideration, right here.

Oh also, this might make for good reason to finally discontinue the 26-Valencia.

Forlorn Candy Corn Goes To Hollywood


My sister Elisa came across this Forlorn Candy Corn down at Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood this week, and she slapped a KDVS sticker at his feet to cheer him up.

Thanks, Elisa!


Forlorn Candy Corn Goes To SXSW on Mission Mission.

Mission Mission Goes To Hollywood on Mission Mission.

“Per Elisa” by Alice on YouTube.

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Tomorrow at the Amuse-Bouche Stand

Amuse-Bouche Stand owner-operator Murat got in touch to tell us:

Hi !

Thanks form promoting my business ! Tomorrow lemon and poppy seeds muffin ^^

Hope the wind will not blow as hard as today…

See ya

Link. Thanks, Murat!

Enormous Caesar


Reader Lisa T., of everyday photos, just sent this in, with the following note:

i’m not sure what this is or where it came from, but i snapped this guy on 20th near force of habit records. my first guess is it’s some sort of play on cesar chavez day..?

Hula Hoop Hijinx

On Saturday, this hula-hooping wunderkind had the crowd going crazy. It started out with a little, “Hey, check out that little girl hula hooping, she’s so tiny, ha-ha,” and quickly escalated to full-on rounds of applause and wild hooting and hollering from a sizeable section of the southern end of the park.

When she realized she was on stage, she really started putting on a show. By this I mean she started beating the shit out of her little boy companion for some reason, smiling all the while. But he took the beating like a man and afterward was not above helping her out with her two-hula-hoops-at-once trick, and just generally playing her comic foil.

Burrito Justice has another animated GIF (of the two of them hula hooping in tandem) right here.