Hula Hoop Hijinx

On Saturday, this hula-hooping wunderkind had the crowd going crazy. It started out with a little, “Hey, check out that little girl hula hooping, she’s so tiny, ha-ha,” and quickly escalated to full-on rounds of applause and wild hooting and hollering from a sizeable section of the southern end of the park.

When she realized she was on stage, she really started putting on a show. By this I mean she started beating the shit out of her little boy companion for some reason, smiling all the while. But he took the beating like a man and afterward was not above helping her out with her two-hula-hoops-at-once trick, and just generally playing her comic foil.

Burrito Justice has another animated GIF (of the two of them hula hooping in tandem) right here.

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