Enormous Caesar


Reader Lisa T., of everyday photos, just sent this in, with the following note:

i’m not sure what this is or where it came from, but i snapped this guy on 20th near force of habit records. my first guess is it’s some sort of play on cesar chavez day..?

3 Responses to “Enormous Caesar”

  1. tack says:

    I walked past this. It was a sidewalk sale. Or at least it looked like one.

  2. daylurker says:

    did anyone else see the proprieter? I walked past a few times that day, and that kid was the proudest 14 yr old on 20th st.

  3. treatave says:

    Yeah, it was a sidewalk sale in front of a large home on Sunday. The kid was selling Spiderman goggles too. I assume it gave you spidy vision. I asked why he was selling such a cool toy, and he said it didn’t fit on his head anymore.