Uncle Mildred


Plug1 just wrote in to talk up a street artist he’s into:

im surprised i dont see more Mildred on MM. mission based writer, has a blog here.

i emailed him a long time ago to get an interview and he politely declined saying “naw man, i just wanna get drunk, paint, and skate”. i couldnt really argue with that logic and the lifestyle seemed admirable — so i left it alone.

anyhow, i see him all over The Mish, stickers, quick throwies, etc.

this pic is from lower Valencia near 14th.

What a mantra though, right?


Framed Mildred on the Wall at Fabric8

Mildred Stickers

8 Responses to “Uncle Mildred”

  1. jane says:

    mildred is amazing, and lives in portland now i believe. love this kid.

  2. backyardbetty says:

    how funny. mildred is a friend of mine. he moved to portland about a year ago. when i had a broken leg he’d come over and drink 40s with me on my stoop. one morning i went out into my living room and saw that he had painted a pirate eating a cat on the street sign outside the window. i was totes stoked.

  3. Plug1 says:

    ahh, i didnt know he moved to Portland. guess that explains why i hadn’t seen any new pieces of late.

    its seems a few quality Bay Area graff artists have migrated northward.

  4. mildred says:

    hello there. man I apologize for not doing the interview back then. I dont know what my problem is. I didn’t mean to sound like such an ass. anyways I am sorry. cool blog


    • Allan Hough says:

      Whoa. Some old dude with an 805 area code called me last night and screamed, “Is Mildred there? I want to talk to Mildred!” I was like, “Wrong numberz, dude!” I should’ve told him your URL!

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