Eggplant and Sunny D.

At Dalva. Photography by meganallison. Click to visit photo pages.


Some Art Student Spent Long Time Drawing Cartoon Woman in Dalva Bathroom

25 Responses to “Eggplant and Sunny D.”

  1. Lame says:

    Is this just a lame graffiti blog now? All you are doing is immortalizing idiots who think tagging a lame eggplant on a house is cool. Graffiti is not the actual mission street art we all love–it just makes our neighborhood look like shit.

  2. I agree says:

    This site used to be about cool/interesting things going on in the mission, now it basically promotes vandalism. Sweet.

  3. Allan says:

    Mission Mission has promoted vandalism since day one. Sorry about the recent uptick. Thanks for reading.

  4. Charles Nibbly says:

    You mean, you can actually see the words ‘eggplant’ and ‘sunny d’ in that?? Wow…

    All good things come to an end, maybe these are those final days for MM.

    Or not.


  5. Its not art says:

    Agreed with everyone, graf is like 0.05% of whats cool about the mission.

    Is it really that hard to start and post all this baloney in there? Im tired of all this hullabaloo.

  6. Allan Hough says:

    God, you guys, it’s a slow news day okay? Lighten up. Or tell me about something interesting. Or write something interesting.

  7. I agree says:


    We still love you… Just enough with the crap tags on hipster dive bathroom walls. Maybe we can talk about the Tecate Tower? I heard it starts construction this weekend…

  8. johnny0 says:

    We could always take Giuliani’s meta-tagging approach.

    “From now on, every time you write your name in grafitti on public property, we’re going to put the word “Sucks” right under it. That’s right. Instead of being Mr. Cool, everyone’s going to think you suck. Our trained staff of police artists will make it look like you wrote it. “

    I love the thought of a trained staff of police artists. (Hopefully they don’t go rogue.)

  9. More graffiti/tagging posts please. A+!

  10. David Cole says:

    If you’re interested in pursuing this type of content, may I suggest you place some graffiti in the header graphic of the blog so people know what to expect?

  11. “…may I suggest you place some graffiti in the header graphic of the blog so people know what to expect?”

    Hear, hear.

    And then might I suggest Allan powder everyone’s tender bottoms?

  12. monica says:

    street art is ubiquitous throughout the city, especially in the mission. since this is a mission based blog, anything in the mission is fair game. putting your standards on something that has no standards to begin with is straight up ignorant.
    plus, there is graffiti in the header. get off your rss feed.

  13. Those who can’t, comment…

  14. daisy says:

    “And then might I suggest Allan powder everyone’s tender bottoms?”


    And, may I just add, I think that is the first time in my LIFE I have used “+1″ — I do it for you, Allan. I do it for you.

  15. sfortunata says:

    Y’all are a bunch of whiner babies. Get over it.

  16. Mission down for 9 years says:

    Oh awesome, its cool to know that when every time I paint my house and some douchebag writes something on the new paint job, that you are going to take a pic of the piece of shit scribble on it and post it here. Really great work there man, great stuff.

    80s NYC the mission is not, stop worshipping and advertising these annoying douchebags.

  17. Allan Hough says:

    I’m not worshiping anything. The junk in this post? I don’t like it. But it’s a part of the neighborhood that somebody saw fit to photograph and post on Flickr. Like it or not, it’s part of the picture.

    I don’t like shootings either, but I write about them. Do you look at a post like Shot in the Leg, Shot in the Back and take that to mean I’m worshiping the gunmen? Because I’m not.

  18. emamd says:

    “…may I suggest you place some graffiti in the header graphic of the blog so people know what to expect?”

    aren’t there already two ribity’s in MM’s banner?

  19. sfortunata says:

    Holy christ guys, David was JOKING about the header

  20. meave says:

    Dear Allan, you are a terrible person with a terrible site full of terrible pictures of terrible things. You go to hell; you go to hell and you die. Only please don’t take Mission Mission with you, the internet would be the worse for it.

  21. jimbeam says:

    When did Mission Mission start getting read by a bunch of whiners?

    Oh wait…

  22. addycat says:

    I’ve never seen a photoworthy tag on a freshly painted house – only public walls that get painted over regularly – like this one

  23. fsharp says:

    My favorite thing to do is to get up, put on my coveralls, set up my paint brush and paint can and paint over my garage door in the morning before work. Then I go inside, clean the brushes, then my bucket and then hands. I love the taggers. My life would be meaningless and empty without them.

  24. marcus says:

    euro — your days are numbered. we know who you are.

  25. marcus says: