House-Made Bacon Now at Bi-Rite

I know everybody’s totally over bacon, but I’m not. Bacon news:

Breaking news: House-made bacon finally ready! And OMG it’s so good. In the pre-pack case, top right shelf.



Put Some Bacon On It

Bacon Dumpster

5 Responses to “House-Made Bacon Now at Bi-Rite”

  1. LINDYLULA says:

    Here’s a strange thing. Go to the Safeway (16th and Pot)deli counter. Order a pound of the bacon and have it wrapped. I think it might be thick cut. Hands down the best damn bacon me or any of my friends has ever tasted.
    Weird huh? Who’da thunk?

  2. Janet C says:

    I’ll never be over bacon.

  3. Charels Nibbly says:

    I’ve recently been making my own bacon at home, it’s dead-easy and the results will blow you away to the point of NEVER BUYING PREPARED BACON AGAIN… yes, it’s that remarkable.

    Ryan does a good job here:


  4. johnny0 says:

    Thanks for that link. And on the eight day, GOD MADE BACON.

  5. Jenn says:

    Long live the lardon!