Speed Racer

This week on I Heart Street Art, we look at a badass car parked in an alley. Link.

3 Responses to “Speed Racer”

  1. C. says:

    I believe this is a fiberglass kit car (the American-style mags, the scraped fiberglass and the strange, over-elongated proportions are a give-away).
    I thought it might be a kit car called the Aztec Avenger, or its successor, the Valkyrie, made by a company called Fiberfab. These were assembled on top of a Volkswagen Beetle frames, or frames of other small and inexpensive cars such as Corvairs. I know this because, many years ago, my dad almost bought one (a few years after my mom vetoed his attempt to trade in our old Volkswagen squareback for a new Porsche 911).
    However, I don’t think it’s an Aztec. The gull-wing doors, low side scoops, sharply angled hood and splayed hood scoops just don’t match. It just doesn’t look enough like a GT!
    I just spent over an hour trying to determine the make of this car. My attempt was impeded by the fact that one of the leading vintage Fiberfab fan sites was on geocities – which was shut down at noon today by Yahoo! I also tried http://www.priceofhistoys.com, which has so many cool/ridiculous kit cars it’s totally cool and ridiculous!
    Well, interesting and cool. The truck is cool too! Anyone have photos of the old cars behind the cyclone fence at 16th & 7th? What’s up with that lot anyway?

  2. Glenparker says:

    That’s no GT! Bet my bottom dollar if there was a pic from the rear you’d see the telltale VW muffler.