Inside the Blue Macaw

blue macaw mission bar

Yelper Milo B. wrote in to tell us a little more about the Blue Macaw:

I stopped in over the weekend for the unofficial opening and the place looks fantastic, it looks clean and cozy.
You can check out pics on Yelp.

As for world music — I have no idea where that rumor is coming from! The management is open to hosting all promoters and all types of shows!

Also, the owner rescues parrots and that is why she chose the name Blue Macaw.

Link. I can’t wait to see The Fucking Champs here some time soon. Thanks, Milo!

blue macaw mission

blue macaw mission seating

6 Responses to “Inside the Blue Macaw”

  1. Stells says:

    I wish this place well but I hope it looks better in person than it does in the photos. Kinda looks like it should be in Florida…

  2. MB says:

    Meh. I would rather have one 12 Galaxies than 12 Blue Macaws. Oh well…nothing gold can stay.

  3. GTW says:

    Walked in Saturday night. The new stage set up leaves me to believe these nice ladies don’t know much about live music. At least with the kind that involves guitar amps and drums.

  4. phlavor says:


    It’s like looking at a friend who has had his guts ripped out and replaced with Sarasota circa 1985.

  5. cawker says:

    just want you all to know that the blue macaw still hasnt set up its sound system or stage lighting. rest assured, we do know what we are doing regarding live music, and when you were here we had not been approved by the entertainment commission ……so give us some time, have an open mind…and when you see a live show booked stop by. happy to hear all of your comments, positive or negative. our plans are for a friendly venue serving many communities, and hopimg to have many cross-cultural events. walk in the place, it does look and feel different than the photos.

  6. viccotur says:

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