More Street Gluttony: SF Moo Moo Cakes also Debuting Tonight


The subject says it all.  SF Moo Moo Cakes is also debuting tonight (maybe Dolores Park?).  Pie and homemade ice cream?  I cannot wait to completely spoil my appetite tonight.

“Homemade organic Ice cream Sandwiches, Popsicles, and Ice Cream!!”

6 Responses to “More Street Gluttony: SF Moo Moo Cakes also Debuting Tonight”

  1. actually i’m heading down the embarco to the fidi right now. If anybody is at work and wants some! Spoil lunch and dinner. MUAH MUAH HAHA!

  2. Adrian says:

    Food cart is the new fixie?

    • Wade M says:

      But the food cart functions for others, more so than itself….I like the idea of the streets coming alive….Like hawker food in asia :)


  3. Jim says:

    Nothing beats La Michoacana.

  4. my cart is a fixie!

  5. MicheleLopez says:

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