Hello, Tenderblog

There is a new neighborhood blog in town, this on hailing from the rough streets of the Tenderloin.  Meet Tenderblog.

“Yeah, it’s dirty. It’s grungy. There are people shooting up/ defecating/ begging/ sleeping accross the sidewalk/ not showering in plain daylight. There are hookers out in the open. There are dealers on the corners.”

Hell yes.  The Tenderloin is nothing but endless fodder for the chaos.  I cannot wait to see how this blog develops.

6 Responses to “Hello, Tenderblog”

  1. mcas says:

    Who’s first to declare this the beginning of gentrifying the TL…?

  2. tenderblog says:

    Only if they tear down the SRO hotels. That’s the big difference between a gentrification of say Castro of The Mission and The Loin.
    The Loin has been rough since before my parents were kids in the Bay and it really comes down to these hotels. If they go, then yeah, it will pretty quickly gentrify as there are some very nice buildings here that need a shine. But given the outcry that would happen, I don’t see this coming about any time soon. Gradually, maybe. An AoA takeover would probably happen first if the recession doesn’t knock them out before.

    • jeff says:

      uh, no. The SRO’s themselves are not the cause of any of the problems in the TL. It is the owners and operators who cause the problems. Get rid of the owners and operators who cause the problems (Patel, Tenderloin Housing Clinic). Stop allowing them to run ANY buildings in SF

      • zinzin says:

        here here, and frankly, it ain’t that different at 16th & mission. description above is exactly the same (granted on a smaller scale).

      • jeff says:

        in fact, 16th in Mission is exactly what I’m talking about. The Mission hotel at 16th and S van ness is yet another Tenderloin Housing Clinic SRO..read about that here >


        it’s not the buildings. the buildings are inert brick and morter..It’s the people running them, and the mentally ill dope cases they are housing

        don’t be surprised if they start taking over regular apartments. Citi Apartments is selling and foreclosing. Guess who’s been suing Citi Apartments in court?…Tenderloin Housing Clinic

      • zinzin says:

        yeah, it’s pretty tough. without the SRO, many of the people up in there would just be doing the same stuff, but out on the street 24 / 7. which would be bad in all ways.

        and these are people we’re talking about. often people in genuine need, with no help in sight, duped by “progressive” rhetoric and the industrial NGO complex that it begat, with the TLHC one of the vanguard.

        really, it’s revolting.