Young Pigeons Napping in the 24th Mission BART Station

Young Pigeons 24th St. Mission

"Where's Swoops?"

Today BART passengers were busy checking out these young pigeons napping in the 24th St. Mission station.  While the picture does not do them complete justice, these rats birds were small and were not bothered by people getting close to them.

I was pretty interested as to why I had never seen young pigeons ever before.  Apparently adult pigeons feed their babies until they are nearly adult size, so they rarely leave the nest prior to becoming full size.

8 Responses to “Young Pigeons Napping in the 24th Mission BART Station”

  1. Stucco-sux says:

    Why is it that the fire-red bart glazed brick work just makes those birds look so dang Colonel Sanders-ly delicious?

  2. brittney says:


  3. daisy says:

    I am completely traumatized. Though sincerely appreciate the head’s up to never go anywhere near the 24th Mission BART station.

  4. Ceren says:

    that’s sort of weird – those are a little too young to be out of the nest, really. I wonder if a nest nearby was torn down?

    They look like they’re about 24-26 days old. Ones that are old enough to leave, and still get fed after leaving the nest wouldn’t be napping on the ground like that. :( Are they still there? There’s people that can pick them up and make sure they don’t die as babies. I’m one of them. leave me a message here if they’re still there.

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