Call for Competitors: Mac 'n' Cheese Food War

SF Food Wars next month brings us Mac Battle Royale w/ Cheese, what will surely be an epic test of the mettles of the best mac ‘n’ cheese recipes in the neighborhood and beyond:

Bacon? Truffles? Sour Cream Ruffles? Nettles? Skittles? Your cat’s Tender Vittles? Whatever the secret ingredients may be, our fierce competitors will go head to head to claim the ultimate glory of being crowned champion at SF Food War’s inaugural event, Mac Battle Royale w/ Cheese! Get ready for a deliciously cheesy, enticingly carby, gastronomically explosive food fight where your votes and palates will decide the fate of 20 hopeful foodmasters.

Competitors sign up here. Spectators get tickets here. (Space is limited in both cases, so make haste.)

Full disclosure: I get in for free.

3 Responses to “Call for Competitors: Mac 'n' Cheese Food War”

  1. Ann Seymour says:

    Food fights! Gay penguins! While the rest of the world languishes in ignorance, we of the Bay Area get the hard news as it breaks. – Ann Seymour, author of “I’ve Always Loved You.”

    • Allan Hough says:

      I can’t decide whether the above is spam or not, but she has an AOL address, so, she’s probably harmless?

    • Angie says:

      Huh, I think it’s entertaining enough to keep. On topic: quite excited for the nom nom-ing that will be taking place at this Food War!