Have Your Trash and Pick It Up Too


If you are not still getting drunk at 5pm this Sunday, consider donating some of your time to help clean up Dolores Park.  And if doing a good thing is not enough motivation for you, Amnesia is offering up drink specials to volunteers after the clean-up so you can continue your Sunday buzz well into the evening.


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One Response to “Have Your Trash and Pick It Up Too”

  1. Lapidgeon says:

    See, rather than clean up we should just get a group of poison blow dart snipers to dart anyone who walks away from their garbage. That way we can pile them all up together, along with the garbage (maybe we could bag and duct tape the garbage to them?), and let god sort em out (and by god I mean the police who stumble on their passed out bodies). This has multiple benefits of preserving knowledge (the construction and usage of blow guns, harvesting and processing of natural sedatives), and keeping the park clean.