Broke-Ass Guide To Dolores Park Etiquette

Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website, the Best Website in the Bay Area, just published the first installment of what promises to be an exhaustive primer on how to behave in Dolores Park. It’s full of sound advice, but this graphic is my favorite part.

Dolores Park Etiquette — Part 1 — General Guidelines

3 Responses to “Broke-Ass Guide To Dolores Park Etiquette”

  1. Special Sauce says:

    To other dogs, its always cupcakes…

  2. one says:

    like I said in my original posting here, if you have to have basic common sense rules as to how to act in PUBLIC SPELLED OUT for you, you have PROBLEMS.

    and as another poster wrote, whose post also got taken down: this is the biggest bullshit I ever read.

  3. Wallace says:

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