Sexpigeon Muni Shirts For Sale in Dolores Park Tomorrow!!

So the shirts, as you can see, are pretty great, and bargain-priced at just $15. But perhaps more importantly, do note that this picture is currently the best picture on the internet. Full details on the big shirt sale are hereabouts.

11 Responses to “Sexpigeon Muni Shirts For Sale in Dolores Park Tomorrow!!”

  1. redbearded says:

    I don’t understand why a t-shirt glorifying a shitty bus system is a good thing.

  2. P3ZO says:

    What is your cut of the t-shirt sales proceeds?

  3. Allan Hough says:

    Gosh, why so cynical everybody? I mean, I hate Muni plenty, but I like good design, and I am very pro-shirt.

  4. newshound says:

    and this is the best snap of sexpegeon on the net so far. very fun. nice mac.

  5. uselysses says:

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to turn away from this photo anytime in the near future. Masterful.

    • zinzin says:


    • Special Sauce says:

      Well 1st of all, I hope you turned away and got some sleep. I admire the 222 AM posting… best Muni moment ever: Castro Halloween, early 80′s (when it was REALLY fun, people — so much fun you couldn’t imagine) group costume: A muni articulated bus made of 2×2′s and foamcore. Careening down Castro street running into anything that moved. Sigh. Now all we have is the t-shirt.

  6. MeatWhistle7734 says:

    Wearing any one of these screams, “I’m a douche”…