John Waters Drinks at Zeitgeist


Reader Jonathan C. sent along this IM convo, and a Twitter search corroborates it: John Waters was hanging at Zeitgeist the other night. Will his next film be a Tamale Lady vehicle? Fingers crossed!


Quentin Tarantino Was Hanging at Zeitgeist the Other Night [SFist]

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  1. C. says:

    John Waters used to visit – and apparently even to stay – frequently, in the old days. He used to patronize Farley’s, which was either near where he stayed or a place where he could hang out without being spotted or bothered so easily, chill, calm and spacious as it was moreso in those days. One day of old, I went to Farley’s, got a mocha, and sat on the bench in the window seat to the right (upon exit) of the door, and began to read my newspaper, oblivious to the world. At a certain point, I looked up, and realized a dude who looked just like John Waters was sitting on a stool at the counter (which faces the wall and makes one harder to recognize). Despite trying to be cool (and also despite having loved Smell-o-Vision and having briefly taken Dexter Fishpaw, the Baltimore footstomper, as a role model), I kept looking back, incredulous, to attempt to determine whether he was really John Waters. Finally, the dude who looked like John Waters turned and looked straight at me, sneered dramatically, and stuck out his tongue. After an initial moment of shock, I cracked up and realized it really was…

  2. C. says:

    BTW, his next film will NOT be about the Tamale Lady! It will take place in the Port-o-Potties! ;)

  3. js says:

    Yup. I saw him there on Saturday night around 9. Looked like people were being respectful, giving him some space, and he seemed to be enoying himself.

  4. Ariel Dovas says:

    Just heard that Quentin Tarantino (QueTino to those that know him) was hanging at Zeitgeist again tonight. Why did I go to Bender’s?? Anyway, last time he was there my girlfriend got him a Tamale Lady tamale.

    • “Why did I go to Bender’s??”

      Same. I didn’t even see you there… it was packed.

      The Bender’s crowd must have been protesting the quality of his films since Pulp Fiction. Elitist bastards.

  5. one says:

    y’know there was a dead ringer for jw who for years seemed to enjoy being mistaken for him.

  6. Divine says:

    He shops at Whole Foods on Gough too.

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