Last Night on Capp and 19th

Plug1 of WHAT IM SEEING dot COM spotted this bust on Capp St. last night and took some great shots:

Last night, my wife and I had just eaten dinner at Cha Cha Cha and decided to meet her friends at Little Baobab.  There was a $5 cover charge, so I needed to hit an ATM.  I stopped into the corner store for some cash and a pack of cigs.  As I walked out 4 SFPDs swarmed the corner, where 2 fellows and and a young lady were standing around.  The police quickly cuffed all three.  I have no idea what they were being detained for.  When the guy in
[second to last photo] saw me photographing, he asked if I was going to put it on the internet.  I answered back “yeah” and one of the cops smiled at me.


In an unrelated Capp St. incident, Corinna spotted two people fleeing what appeared to be a fight at Doc’s Clock:

Walking back from  an awesome party, between Capp and Mission, two dudes were walking super fast down the street. One of them was changing his shirt, then the next one passed us, shirtless, covered in blood. As soon as we got to Mission we saw a bunch of cop cars driving around looking presumably for those dudes so we pointed them down 22nd. There was a huge crowd of people toward Doc’s Clock – I imagine something happened around there. But I have no idea what.

Capp was clearly the center of the action Friday night.

4 Responses to “Last Night on Capp and 19th”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    They are known gang members who are prohibited from banging here, and good for that. 0 murders in the Mission ytd, for the simple reason that these assholes have been run out of town.

  2. Scout Z says:

    the above comment is a perfect example of gentrification in the mission district.

    • sometimesy says:

      Yeah, the good part of gentrification.

      It’s not all good, but fewer gangstas is good. I don’t see how one could argue otherwise, unless one doesn’t actually live in the Mission.

  3. Tomvyv says:

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