Bikes and the Park

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Bikes and the City points us to this shot from some New York Times thing of a rad bike perched atop Dolores Park. I mean, it’s a great bike and a nice-looking woman, but c’mon: Everything looks good with that skyline in the background, amirite? You could perch a Republic Bike and an obese retard in that spot and it’d make for a striking shot. Still, link.

8 Responses to “Bikes and the Park”

  1. burgin99 says:

    Aww, someone is jealous about NTY press attention.

  2. mumbles says:

    Oh wow, a bag that’s totally in the way! How hip!

  3. Da Truff says:

    The only photo that could be more stereotypical of SF would be a guy blowing another guy in Dolores Park with that backdrop…

  4. jOie says:

    NYT really? I thought the big apple had higher standards for photography. just sayin.

  5. bikesrule says:

    those are great bags, and Lisa who makes them is a great San Francisco DIYer. Kudos to her for a cute little bike bag, and making it in the NYTimes!

  6. Mission Mistaken says:

    That’s so funny. I didn’t get it until bikesrule pointed it out. That is a very nifty idea for a bag. I wonder though it your legs would rub up against it and if that would get annoying. But its a great idea.

  7. I just wonder if I’m supposed to feel like an asshole for not knowing what a Republic bike is. I’ll assume by the context that it commands the same respect with bicycles as Bayliners command with boats, or Kaiser with kidney transplants (if I want to get super esoteric).

  8. Mike says:

    nice going. why did you need to put the word retard up as describing someone or something unpleasant to look at. geez….have you no decency?