Passive Aggressive Invite

Normally I don’t read anything this long on the internet, but I couldn’t stop, and you won’t be able to either. Ramona begins:

I wanted to invite you over for game night, and then I wasn’t really sure if I was going to invite you, but then I decided that I would.  I forgot your number, because I’ve been sooo busy lately, and I asked my roommate, but she didn’t have it either.  It’s like no one has your number anymore, but eventually I did find it, obviously.  Anywho, It’s gonna to be really fun.  I’m supplying the drinks and some snacks, but if you’re going to eat as much as you did over Christmas break then you should probably bring something of your own.  I’m taking some really interesting psychology classes, and I seriously think of you like every day.

Read on.

One Response to “Passive Aggressive Invite”

  1. ladybeams says:

    This is a riot! Thanks for sharing.