Impromptu Punk Show at 16th and Mission


A commenter recently reminisced “anyone remember those hardcore punk shows at the 16th St BART summer of 99? things sure were cooler then…”

Apparently the Mission is still cool.  MrEricSir brings us an on-the-ground iPhone report of the scene last night.  Most importantly, the microphone was engineered out of a can of PBR.

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Authenticity win

3 Responses to “Impromptu Punk Show at 16th and Mission”

  1. emamd says:

    hell yes.

  2. delgado says:

    Bands were:
    -Silent Majority
    (member of Observers and Defect Defect )
    -Fugitive Kind
    -Culture Kids

  3. I think Shotwell Coho a/k/a Shotwell Chinook played 16 & Mission BART in the mid 90′s.