Bernal Hill Vista Point With Italian Leather Sofa

couch on bernal

couch on bernal_2

Looks like a nice place to sprawl after a jog or a mugging.

Thanks, Kate B.!

5 Responses to “Bernal Hill Vista Point With Italian Leather Sofa”

  1. Ariel Dovas says:

    This is exactly where I’d like a leather couch to be.

    And Allan, thanks for the two, very different views. This way we can be 100% certain that the couch, like the rest of our world, is in 3 dimensions.

  2. travis says:

    I hope whoever put it up there took it back down. That thing is gonna get super gross.

  3. *yup says:

    sofa free….leather daddy.

    just in time for folsom street fair.

  4. coybilom says:

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