Coconuts on Mission St.


Where they store the coconuts.

We’re a week behind on this one, but there is a new coconut-only store at Mission and 24th, Coco Loco.  This shit is so fresh that there are no photos on Flickr, no Yelp page and no Foursquare venue, so you know it is still authy.  Two delicious coconuts full of milk for $5.   2770 Mission St.

(Hat Tip SF Weekly | Photo by Mission Mission’s Mollie C.)

5 Responses to “Coconuts on Mission St.”

  1. loosecharm says:

    Only 2 coconuts for $5??!!


    Fucking hipsters.

  2. shh says:

    Ok, sorry to be that one guy, but for the love of god please don’t pick up warmed-over slang like “authy” from that brolores park site. That guy needs to think up his own language just like Carles did!