Pigeons Ate a Horse Down to the Bone on 24th


You know, in all the movies I have ever seen, it has always been piranhas, killer ants, or Hannibal Lecter that will eat an animal down to the bone.  I’ll never be able to look at pigeons the same ever again.

From our tipster, Jon:

snapped these on my way to work this morning on 24th St. around Harrison, I believe. The guy next to me said, “I think it’s a horse.”

Thanks Jon!


13 Responses to “Pigeons Ate a Horse Down to the Bone on 24th”

  1. it’s got to be a cow, right? Please god just let it be a cow.

  2. Hubara says:

    Wow, Hitchcock was right, those birds are evil!

  3. Ariel Dovas says:

    Dammit! My girlfriend was right about those little monsters!

  4. Edward says:

    Steak tartare–pigeon street cuisine’s getting all haute now.

  5. Thomas Jefferson Crowley says:

    That’s a cow skull and spine.

  6. Lapidgeon says:

    Gawd I hope that’s Harris Ranch. Otherwise we’ll have to dock the pigeons for supporting unsustainable agriculture practices.

  7. meave says:

    survivalists turn to consumers just to get by.

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  9. F. Shelley says:

    It is probably a cow head – note lack of teeth at front of skull. Nonetheless, wrt comments on this subject – HOW IS THAT ANY LESS TROUBLING?!

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  11. Shouldnt B. Readingthisblog says:


  12. Amber June says:

    hahaha, i saw i seagull eating a pigeon once on the top of a zip car on 17th and valencia.. i felt kinda vindicated

  13. DEVIANTO says:

    More importantly….WHY THE F*CK ID THERE A COW SKULL IN THE ROAD?? Oh that’s right… Mission..

  14. R.R. says:

    why are people hoping its a cow?? there’s a skull of a HUGE animal in the middle of the Mission. how ’bout: “oh god. why’s there a GIANT skull in the middle of a street in my city?” oh thats right… San Francisco.

  15. FLIPER says:

    Somebody saw my big dog next to Mission,lately?