When You Walk Around East Mission, You Actually See Interesting Stuff

Most of us can probably agree: traversing the vast wilds of the Mission is best done on a bike.  However, this past weekend, I had a number of friends from the east coast in town so I was forced to schlep around on my own two feet.  Much to my surprise, it turns out the the sidewalks of East Mission are pretty happening.  Check it:

Two-dimensional pigeons: now in blue.

pussy hugs

I'm sure this is just some France Gall lyric, but I'd rather just assume it is some pretentious hipster bullshit.

I'm sure this is just some France Gall lyric, but I would rather just assume it is some pretentious hipster bullshit.

Thats some e.e. cummings shit right there.  So deep...

Thats some e.e. cummings shit right there.

22 Responses to “When You Walk Around East Mission, You Actually See Interesting Stuff”

  1. Leef Smith says:

    Sorry, gonna have to call you out on the “East Mission” bullshit. Careful trying to coin brand new neighborhoods. There’s the Mission and there’s Potrero, no “East Mission” betweeen em.

    Good photos finds tho.

  2. Junk Thief says:

    I’ve lived here for 13 years and call it the East Mission. Welcome to our corner of the world. It’s actually about more than SF General and gangland shootings.

  3. Leef Smith says:

    SF born & bred, 3rd generation local, lived in ‘hood for years and years, blah blah blah, and still don’t believe “East Mission” is really legit. West Mission?!? Soputh Mission?!? The only other traditional “Mission” is Outer. Welcome to our corner of the world ;)

    Just getting really tired of made up neighborhoods such TenderNob, NoPa, DoPa?!? etc. Uggh! But I guess each new wave of newcomers feels the need to re-Christian neighborhoods, and people will use whatever names they like. And some some names do get lost, like long lost Eureka Valley.

    I’d give you Lower 24th though, since that’s what the neighborhood association calls itself.

  4. Mission Mistaken says:

    The East Mission per se does not in fact exist as a per se.

    There is the Northeast Mission, though. Which runs from about 23rd down to Division and East-West from South Van Ness to Potrero.

    This was actually of the Potrero Hill neighborhood until they slapped the 101 right through the middle of it. (JohnnyO, talk about something to obsess with — trace the ending and re-beginning of 18th & Co. for some really interesting anomalies).

    And all of it was defined by railroad right of way and zoning mayhem.

    Think of it this way: It was all once shallows and Mission Creek. Bart runs (as we all know now, thanks to JohnnyO) in a certain way thanks to that original geographical feature, which also happens to flow as in a stream flowing in the basement of Kink.com (Johnny, if you want a tour, just ask Peter, the owner).

    So basically you are talking about a war of words between Mission Creek and 101 Car Creek. And we’re all just stuck on the west side of it. With our dilettantes and debutantes.

  5. uncool says:

    If you dont remember reading the North Mission News you can be as Frisco Native as you want but you are ignorant.

  6. uncool says:

    And, I might add, traditionally the Surenos had the North end of Mission and the Nortenos had the south end – go figure.

  7. christina says:

    “and I begin to fly like a lark”

    • johnny0 says:

      That cute little “Alouette” nursery rhyme is pretty fucking violent:

      Oh lark, gentle little lark.

  8. jimbeam says:

    You guys are arguing over names for things, which are arbitrary regardless.

  9. one says:

    ‘east of mission, west of hell.’

  10. C. says:

    I think the lyric is from Dalida, the doomed Italian-Egyptian-French singer, who was briefly (and evidently not here) world-famous.
    Also, I would like to propose, following johnny0, that we name all neighborhoods not after only accidental and relative directional orientations, but after characters who inhabit them or bars that are their locals. RiteSpotTown. BenderVille. PopsCorner. Hough…uh… ??? Well, I guess Tonayense is not a bar. That would be awesome, though… Hey, how about …Woods? There was a creek – were there any woods?

  11. johnny0 says:

    There was The Willows Beer Garden, between what is now 18th and 19th, Mission and Valencia.

    The Willows is one of the several dozen blog entries I have half-finished. But you can see it on the map here, bottom center, and in the picture further down.

    It got wiped out in a flood in the 1880s, but the damn thing had its own tram.

    So “Hough Willows” it is!

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      Oh man, I really wonder what those other posts could be about now. Woodward’s Gardens? The Seals? The Armory? Buried ships? Secret tunnels? Mole people?

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